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Welcome to our specialized barge service we provide an essential support to vessels and offshore platforms. With us, you can rest assured that your provisions and supplies will be delivered promptly.


Our process is seamless, as we work closely with the sales area and the Captain of the vessel to meticulously coordinate every detail. From purchase approval to managing all required documentation with the pertinent authorities, we take care of it all to ensure the safe and reliable transportation of supplies to your vessel.


Before each operation, we receive detailed notifications from the agency regarding the number of crew members needing to embark or disembark in the anchorage area. We go the extra mile by handling the collection of passengers’ luggage and personal items, ensuring an efficient and secure transfer process.

When it comes to cold rooms, we’re experts in detailed overhauls, ensuring your refrigeration systems run flawlessly. Additionally, we guarantee the safety and operability of your vessel at sea by delivering life rafts and spare parts whenever necessary.


But our services don’t stop there. We also offer top-notch technical support to vessels in need of repairs. Our team of highly qualified and certified technical personnel is at your service, providing precise services such as gyrocompass adjustment, radar overhaul, and the efficient installation of air conditioners for crew comfort. 

We are your best option for boat transportation, contact us and get to know all the services we can provide according to your needs.

Your satisfaction is our ultimate reward, and we’re here to deliver excellence every step of the way!

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